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Tu B'Shevat

  • Sam and Charlie (and Sam too) return!Sam and Charlie (and Sam too) return!

    Kimmelman, Leslie.

    Sam and Charlie and Sam Too always manage to have lots of fun while looking out for each other, whether they're helping their neighbors or planting a tree for Tu B'Shevat or sharing tips on how to find the hidden afikomen at the seder. An easy chapter book.

  • Happy birthday, tree!Happy birthday, tree!

    Rosenberg, Madelyn.

    Two young childrem figure out how to celebrate a tree's birthday for Tu Bi-Shevat.

  • The apple tree's discoveryThe apple tree's discovery

    Schram, Peninnah.

    A little apple tree in the forest longs to have stars in its branches like the other trees, but God has other plans for this tree.

  • Rabbi Rocketpower in a tooty-fruity tale for Tu BishvatRabbi Rocketpower in a tooty-fruity tale for Tu Bishvat : A juicy mystery

    Abramson, Susan.

    In the 4th story about Rabbi Rocketpower she tries to solve a mystery surrounding Tu Bi-Shevat.

  • Dear treeDear tree

    Weber, Doba Rivka.

    Every tree needs strong roots; every tree needs lots of sunlight and rain. In honor Tu B'Shevat a little boy has so many good wishes for his beloeved, favorite tree!.

  • The littlest treeThe littlest tree

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    Story in rhyme about a group of trees that will be used to build a new synagogue.

  • Grandpa and me on Tu B'shevatGrandpa and me on Tu B'shevat

    Gold-Vukson, Marji E.

    In rhyming, cumulative verse, this story portrays the tradition of planting a tree on the holiday of Tu B'shevat.

  • Behold the treesBehold the trees

    Alexander, Sue.

    A land once protected by trees is reduced by war and neglect to desert, until new inhabitants plant trees and make Israel bloom again.

  • Sammy Spider's first Tu B'ShevatSammy Spider's first Tu B'Shevat

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    When the Shapiros plant a tree in the yard, Sammy Spider learns about Tu B'Shevat.

  • Noah's treesNoah's trees

    Le Tord, Bijou.

    Noah cares for his trees, planning to give them to his sons, but God has another use in mind.

  • Trees, earth, and TorahTrees, earth, and Torah : A Tu b'Shvat anthology

    Anthology of Tu Bi-Shevat materials includes stories, poetry, music, historical essays, etc.

  • The never-ending greennessThe never-ending greenness

    Waldman, Neil.

    When his family comes to live in Israel after World War II, a young boy starts planting trees, a practice that spreads throughout Israel.

  • Pearl plants a treePearl plants a tree

    Zalben, Jane Breskin.

    Pearl and Grandpa plant an apple tree; discusses the celebration of Tu Bi-Shevat.

  • Listen to the treesListen to the trees : Jews and the earth

    Cone, Molly.

    Amplifies the Torah teachings about responsibility for the earth through quotations, sayings, original stories, and tales.

  • The giving treeThe giving tree

    Silverstein, Shel.

    On the surface a simple story about a tree's relationship with a boy, but more deeply a moving parable for readers of all ages about the gift of giving and the acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.

  • Seder Tu BishevatSeder Tu Bishevat : The festival of trees

    Fisher, Adam.

    Present two services for Tu Bishevat using poetry, stories, songs, midrash, and prayers; includes 22 Tu Bishevat songs with music.

  • A tree is niceA tree is nice

    Udry, Janice May.

    A buoyant picture book showing the many ways trees are nice.

  • Honi and his magic circleHoni and his magic circle

    Gershator, Phillis.

    Retells the wondrous deeds of Honi the Circle Maker, a celebrated figure in Jewish legend, who lived in the period of the Second Temple and wandered over ancient Israel planting carob trees.

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