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Purim for All Ages

  • The people and the booksThe people and the books : 18 classics of Jewish literature

    Kirsch, Adam.

    The author explores 18 classic texts, including the biblical books of Deuteronomy and Esther, the philosophy of Maimonides, the medieval autobiography of Gluckel of Hameln, and Herzl's Zionist manifestos. He shows how the Jewish literary canon addresses central questions and themes of Jewish history and culture, such as the nature of God, the right way to understand the Bible, the relationship of the Jews to their Promised Land, and the challenges of living as a minority in Diaspora.

  • Sam and Charlie (and Sam too!)Sam and Charlie (and Sam too!)

    Kimmelman, Leslie.

    In this easy chapter book, the first in the series, a boy named Sam, and girl named Charlie, and Charlie's little sister Sam, become neighbors and friends. They do a lot of things together, including observing Yom Kippur and celebrating Purim.

  • The better than best PurimThe better than best Purim

    Howland, Naomi.

    To celebrate Purim an old woman makes hamantaschen with no help from her lazy pets who are secretly planning a surprise.

  • The story of EstherThe story of Esther : A Purim tale

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    Colorful retelling of the story of Purim by a master storyteller.

  • The queen who saved her peopleThe queen who saved her people

    Balsley, Tilda.

    Humorous story in rhyme retells the Purim story. Can be performed as a readers' theater script with five parts.

  • Problems in PurimvilleProblems in Purimville : A Purim story

    Fisman, Karen.

    Join Jacob and Sarah in this chapter book as they have a remarkable adventure just days before Purim. After receiving a mysterious cry for help, the children find themselves in the muddled and mixed up land of Purimville, where someone (or something) is making seious trouble.

  • Purim goodiesPurim goodies

    Hoffman, Amalia.

    Humorous Purim story about the meaning of friendship and the importance of shalach manot. Includes a glossary of Yiddish words and a hamantaschen recipe.

  • Celebrating the Jewish yearCelebrating the Jewish year : the winter holidays

    Steinberg, Paul.

    Information aboutthe origins, themes and new ways to celebrate Hanukkah, Tu b'shevat and Purim. Includes primary sources, poems, prayers, rituals and stories.

  • It's Purim time!It's Purim time!

    Kropf, Latifa Berry.

    Photographs show and text describes young children celebrating Purim.

  • The Purim surpriseThe Purim surprise

    Simpson, Lesley.

    After moving to a new city just before Purim, Naomi helps deliver shalach manot while worrying if her mother will remember her seventh birthday.

  • The Purim costumeThe Purim costume

    Schram, Peninnah.

    Rebecca is tired of dressing up as Queen Esther for Purim every year. Her mother suggests many choices including Vashti. As Rebecca considers this unusual choice she realizes how important Vashti was and that she too helped to save the Jewish people.

  • The mystery bearThe mystery bear : A Purim story

    Adelson, Leone.

    When he awakens from hibernation, Little Bear's hunger leads him to a house where a Purim celebration is just beginning. It doesn't matter to the happy people at the party that they don't recognize the short person in the bear costume -- who cares, as long as he joins in the fun!. The illustrator is a member of Temple Beth Israel.

  • EstherEsther

    The traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation, and with an extensive introduction and commentary.

  • Queen Esther the morning starQueen Esther the morning star

    Gerstein, Mordicai.

    Out of all the young women of Persia, Esther shines like a star; King Ahasuerus decides that she will be his new queen. When Haman, the Prime Minister, convinces the King that all the Jews in Persia should be destroyed, Esther and her Uncle Mordecai must be very brave and very clever in order to save their people. This lively retelling of the story Purim has delightful and detailed illustrations.

  • On PurimOn Purim

    Fishman, Cathy Goldberg.

    Uses the story of a family's preparations for Purim to explain the traditions connected with this holiday.

  • Daughters of EveDaughters of Eve : Strong women of the Bible

    Ross, Lillian Hammer.

    Portrays the feminine side of the Bible in stories of strong women who stand up for their beliefs in difficult, sometimes deadly circumstances. Includes Miriam, Zipporah, Miriam, the daughters of Zelophehad, Ruth, Abigail, Holdah, Judith and Esther.

  • Sammy Spider's first PurimSammy Spider's first Purim

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    Sammy Spider wants to join in as Josh and his mother bake hammantaschen, make a costure, and spin the grogger in celebration of Purim.

  • Raisel's riddleRaisel's riddle

    Silverman, Erica.

    A Jewish version of the Cinderella tale, in which a poor young woman captivates the rabbi's son at the Purim ball.

  • The Jewish children's BibleThe Jewish children's Bible : Leviticus

    Prenzlau, Sheryl.

    Simple retelling of favorite Bible stories from the Book of Leviticus. Includes the Book of Esther.

  • The living NachThe living Nach : Sacred writings

    Mykoff, M.H.

    Clear and modern English translation based on traditional sources, along with extensive notes, maps, and illustrations. Included are Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles.

  • Queen Esther saves her peopleQueen Esther saves her people

    Gelman, Rita Golden.

    Faithful yet playful retelling of the story of Queen Esther.

  • Purim playPurim play

    Schotter, Roni.

    Frannie is upset because her cousins are sick and her mother has invited an elderly neighbor to play the part of Haman in this year's Purim play. Can this topsy-turvy play go on? Crazy and wonderful things can happen, especially at Purim....

  • Beni's family treasuryBeni's family treasury : stories for the Jewish holidays

    Zalben, Jane Breskin.

    Collection of five Beni holiday stories including stories for Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim and Passover.

  • Esther's storyEsther's story

    Wolkstein, Diane.

    Written in the form of a diary, this portrait brings Esther to life and shows her humanity as well as her majesty.

  • Latkes and hamentashenLatkes and hamentashen : Chanukah and Purim in song and story

    Avni, Fran.

    Original children's songs and narratives that bring to life the characters who symolize each holiday and give them personalities of their own. Different musical styles including medieval, jazz, blues, bluegrass and gypsy make for a singable, tap-able, dance-able, clap-able listening and learning experience.

  • EstherEsther

    Chaikin, Miriam.

    Over two thousand years ago in Shushan, the capital city of the Persian empire, a Jewish woman saved her prople from a wicked man plotting against the Jews. This simple retelling of the Purim story explains how Esther became Queen of Persian and outwitted the King's minister, Haman.

  • The uninvited guest and other Jewish holiday talesThe uninvited guest and other Jewish holiday tales

    Jaffe, Nina.

    Background information and lyrical retelling of traditional Jewish legends and folklore related to major holidays, including Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover, plus Shabbat. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • PurimPurim

    Nerlove, Miriam.

    A young boy is caught up in the excitement of Purim. He and his sister dress in costumes and go to temple. They hear the story of brave Queen Esther, who long ago saved the Jews from wicked Haman. Then they have a party, with games and hamantaschen. Finally they watch a Purim play.

  • Goldie's PurimGoldie's Purim

    Zalben, Jane Breskin.

    Goldie's mother and father and all her friends have come to the Temple to see the Purim play. Goldie has the part of Queen Esther - the starring role! But suddenly Goldie is scared. Will she be brave enough to say her lines in front of all these people? Read this book and find out how Goldie overcomes her stage fright.

  • Cakes and miraclesCakes and miracles : A Purim tale

    Goldin, Barbara Diamond.

    A blind boy who wishes he could help his mother prepare for Purim has a vision which leads to a Purim surprise for the whole village. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • It happened in ShushanIt happened in Shushan : A Purim story

    Feder, Harriet K.

    The Purim story told with amusing rhythm and rebuses; designed to involve the listerner in the telling.

  • CelebrationCelebration : The book of Jewish festivals

    Poems, songs, stories, recipes, crafts, and historical information for six holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Passover, and Shavuot). Fine color illustrations.

  • The five scrollsThe five scrolls

    Includes Hebrew texts, English translations, introductions, and new liturgies for Ecclesiastes, Esther, Song of Songs, Ruth, and Lamentations.

  • A Purim albumA Purim album

    Zwerin, Raymond A.

    Two young children put on a play about Purim and learn some important things about being brave, about making mistakes and correcting them, and about helping others.

  • My very own megillahMy very own megillah

    Saypol, Judyth Robbins.

    History, crafts, recipes, and music of Purim.

  • All-of-a-kind family downtownAll-of-a-kind family downtown

    Taylor, Sydney.

    Second in the classic series about 5 sisters and their little brother sharing laughter and old fashioned activities amid the sometimes gritty realities of life on the Lower East Side. From a Purim play, to dancing in the street, to blintz eating, to the building of the sukkah, this family gets pleasure out of every day.

  • The Purim anthologyThe Purim anthology

    Laws, customs, stories, and poems about Purim.

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Bouquet of Books Program

Bouquet of Books Sponsored Titles

  • My country, my lifeMy country, my life : Fighting for Israel, searching for peace

    Barak, Ehud.

    The definitive memoir of one of Israel's most influential soldier-statesmen and the country's Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001. Winner of the 2018 National Jewish Book Award.

  • How it's madeHow it's made : Hanukkah menorah

    Ofanansky, Allison.

    Over 100 photos showing how to make Hanukkah menorahs of different types as well as the oil and candles, plus instructions for making your own items and celebrating the holiday.

  • A moon for Moe and MoA moon for Moe and Mo

    Zalben, Jane Breskin.

    Moses Feldman and Mohammed Hassan both live on Flatbush Ave., and when they meet at the grocery store they quickly become best friends, sharing a picnic while their families prepare for the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan.

  • Write on, Irving Berlin!Write on, Irving Berlin!

    Kimmelman, Leslie.

    Tells the story of Israel Baline, who came from Russia to the New York as a very small boy, grew up on the Lower East Side, and became famous as Irving Berlin, one of the best known song writers in America. "God Bless America" and "White Christmas" are among his greatest hits.

  • An unlikely ballerinaAn unlikely ballerina

    Goddu, Krystyna Poray.

    Tells how a small, frail girl with wobby legs and turned-out toes became the first Jewish prima ballerina assoluta in history, Alicia Markova.

  • Regina persistedRegina persisted : An untold story

    Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg.

    The true story of Regina Jonas, who lived in Berlin, Germany, before World War II, and who was determined to become a rabbi. She took every opportunityh to learn, but again and again she was prevented from taking the examination that would allow her to achieve her goal. At last, in 1935 she succeeded in becoming the very first woman rabbi in the world. Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award.

  • Letters to my Palestinian neighborLetters to my Palestinian neighbor

    Halevi, Yossi Klein.

    A taut, provocative, and very personal book in which the author endeavors to untangle the ideological and emotional knot that has defined the Middle East conflict for nearly a century. Halevi explains why he left his native New York in his twenties and moved to Israel to participate in the renewal of the Jewish homeland, and he unravels the complex strands of faith, pride, anger and anguish he feels as a Jew living in Israel.

  • HaifaHaifa : City of steps

    Gold, Nili Scharf.

    A rich look, from a native daughter, at the evolving relations of people, architecture, and landscapes in Haifa over several decades.

  • Essential IsraelEssential Israel : Essays for the 21st century

    Troen, S. Ilan.

    Examines a wide variety of complex issues and current concerns in historical and contemporary contexts to provide readers with solid understanding of Israel's history, politics, culture, and possibilities for the future.

  • The librarian of AuschwitzThe librarian of Auschwitz

    Iturbe, Antonio.

    Based on the experiences of real-life Auschwitz prisoner Dita Kraus, this is the incredible story of a girl who risked her life to keep the magic of books alive during the Holocaust. Fourteen-year-old Dita has been sent to Auschwitz and is adjusting to the constant terror of life there when she is given responsibility for 8 precious books the inmates have been able to sneak past the guards. This novel follows her life through the camp and afterwards.

  • Viva, Rose!Viva, Rose!

    Krawitz, Susan.

    When 13 year old Rose Solomon's brother Abe left El Paso, he told his religious parents he was heading to Brooklyn. But Rose discovers the truth when she picks up the newspaper and spies a group photograph showing Abe with Pancho Villa and his revolutionary army. Rose's plan to contact him goes awry when she is kidnapped and taken to Villa's hideaway. There she learns to lie, hide, and ride like a bandit, and she also discovers the real meaning of freedom and what she's willing to risk to get hers back. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Max Baer and Barney RossMax Baer and Barney Ross : Jewish heroes of boxing

    Sussman, Jeffrey.

    In the 1920's and '30's anti-Semitism was rife in the US and Europe. Jews needed symbols of strength and demonstrations of courage against their enemies, and they found both in two champions of boxing, Max Baer and Barney Ross. This book recounts these heroes' exploits whle painting a picture of the crucial role boxing played in a very difficult era.

  • Anne FrankAnne Frank

    Agrimbau, Diego.

    A graphic retelling of Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl.

  • The children of Willesden LaneThe children of Willesden Lane : A true story of hope and survival during World War II

    Golabek, Mona.

    This is the true story of Lisa Jura, who was a 14 year old musical prodigy in pre-WWII Vienna. When Hitler's armies came, Lisa's parents sent her to London on a resue effort known as the Kindertransport. There she lived in a home for refugee children on Willesden Lane, where she created a new life for herself, and her music became a beacon of hope for all the children on Willesden Lane.

  • RefugeeRefugee

    Gratz, Alan.

    JOSEF is a Jewish boy in 1930s Germany, and he and his family flee the Nazis by boarding a ship bound for the other side of the world. ISABEL is a Cuban girl in 1994, and she and her family flee for safety by setting out on a raft . MAHMOUD is a Syrian boy in 2015, and he and his family flee war by beginning a long trek toward Europe. All three kids go on harrowing journeys in search of refuge, and although they are separated by decades and continents their stories resonate together in the end. This is an action-packed novel about courage, survival, and the quest for home.

  • Rosie saves the worldRosie saves the world

    Herman, Debbie.

    Rosie can't wait to start doing good deeds, but soon she is so busy saving the world that she doesn't have time for her own family. And it turns out that the greatest acts of tikkun olam start in Rosie's own home.

  • Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Bader Ginsburg : The case of R. B. G. vs. inequality

    Winter, Jonah.

    A clever biography of the Supreme Court Justice in which readers are asked to act as the jury, examining the injustices the young lawyer faced. Winner of numerous 2018 awards.

  • The story of HebrewThe story of Hebrew

    Glinert, Louis.

    This book explains how Hebrew has been used in Jewish life across 2000 years of nuture, abandonment, and renewal, eventually given up by many for dead but rescued to become the everyday language of modern Israel. It also explains how Jews and Christians have perceived Hebrew, and invested it with a symbolic power far beyond normal language.

  • The language of angelsThe language of angels : A story about the reinvention of Hebrew

    Michelson, Richard.

    This award-winning book tells the story of how one man and his son brought Hebrew back into common use, and the story about how a language changes and grows. Ben-Zion's father insisted that his son speak only Hebrew, but in the 1880's the Jewish people living in Jerusalem spoke Yiddish. and he had no one to talk to. Hebrew hadn't been in everyday use for more than 2000 years, but Ben-Zion's father started writing a Hebrew dictionary anyway, and Ben-Zion and the local kids reveled in creating new words for modern items. Winner of the Junior Library Guild Gold Medal.

  • How it's madeHow it's made : Matzah

    Ofanansky, Allison.

    Over 100 photos that show people making matzah both by hand and in factories, and alsos other seder items. With emphasis on what kids can do - making haroset, growing horseradish, setting up the seder plate.

  • Essays on ethicsEssays on ethics : A weekly reading of the Jewish Bible

    Sacks, Jonathan.

    Essays that draw ethical lessons from each weekly Torah portion, posing such questions as these: Why was Abraham ordered to sacrifice his son? Was Jacob right in stealing the blessings? Why were we commanded to destroy Amalek? What was Moses' sin in hitting the rock? And how did the Ten Commandments change the Jewish people, and humankind, for good?.

  • The people and the booksThe people and the books : 18 classics of Jewish literature

    Kirsch, Adam.

    The author explores 18 classic texts, including the biblical books of Deuteronomy and Esther, the philosophy of Maimonides, the medieval autobiography of Gluckel of Hameln, and Herzl's Zionist manifestos. He shows how the Jewish literary canon addresses central questions and themes of Jewish history and culture, such as the nature of God, the right way to understand the Bible, the relationship of the Jews to their Promised Land, and the challenges of living as a minority in Diaspora.

  • Gabriel's hornGabriel's horn

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    On Rosh Hashanah a mysterious soldier appears at the door, hands Gabriele a tarnished horn, and disappears. As the years go by Gabriel's family prospers and they in turn help their neighbors. Could their good luck have something to do with the soldier or the horn? The author's note explains the concept of tzedakah and suggests that the soldier may be Elijah the Prophet in disguise.

  • The sundown kidThe sundown kid : A southwestern Shabbat

    Bietz, Barbara.

    Shabbat is very lonely for a boy and his parents when they move to a small town in the "wild west", until he begins asking townsfolk if they like chicken soup.

  • FascinatingFascinating : The life of Leonard Nimoy

    Michelson, Richard.

    Leonard Nimoy was the son of Jewish immigrants. He grew up loving to sing and act. This sophisticated picture book tells the story of how he followed his dreams and became a famous actor, especially known for playing Dr. Spock in Star Trek.

  • Dreidels on the brainDreidels on the brain

    ben Izzy, Joel.

    As he tries to survive Hannukah in 1971 in the suburbs of the suburbs of Los Angeles, middle-school magician Joel learns to appreciate life's small miracles with the help of an unusual stranger he meets on a bus. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • The sacred callingThe sacred calling : Four decades of women in the rabbinate

    Schorr, Rebecca Einstein.

    Rabbis and scholars from across the Jewish world reflect back on the historic significance of women in the rabbinate and explore issues related to both the professional and personal lives of women rabbis. The contributors examine the ways in which women rabbis have impacted all aspects of Jewish life, including congregational culture, liturgical development, life cycle ritual, the Jewish healing movement, spirituality, theology, and more.

  • Thinking about the TorahThinking about the Torah : A philosopher reads the Bible

    Seeskin, Kenneth.

    Drawing on Western philosophy and particularly Jewish philosophy, the author delves into ten core biblical verses to examine topics central to human existence, such as how we can relate to the infinite, what love is, the meaning of holiness. He presents his own insights along with those of great thinkers such as Maimonides, Spinoza and Buber, as well as Plato, Aristotle, Luther, Kant and Kierkegaard.

  • The menorahThe menorah : From the Bible to modern Israel

    Fine, Steven.

    Comprehensive study of this most ancient of Jewish symbols, from its biblical roots through its Roman recasting and Christian appropriation down to its contemporary uses and misuses.

  • A land twice promisedA land twice promised : An Israeli woman's quest for peace

    Baum, Noa.

    Deeply personal memoir of the author's life from girlhood in post-Holocaust Israel to her adult encounter with "the other". With honesty, compassion and humor she captures the drama of a nation at war and her discovery of humanity in the enemy.

  • A place for ElijahA place for Elijah

    Ruben, Kelly Easton.

    Sarah's family celebrates Passover, making sure they set a place for Elijah at the seder table. But when their neighbors lose power and stop by to get out of the cold Sarah worries that there won't be a seat left for the prophet.

  • A hat for Mrs. GoldmanA hat for Mrs. Goldman : A story about knitting and love

    Edwards, Michelle.

    Sophia knits a special hat for her elderly neighbor and knitting teacher, Mrs. Goldman. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Jonah and the meaning of our livesJonah and the meaning of our lives : A verse-by-verse contemporary commentary

    Bob, Steven.

    The author draws on commentaries by Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Kimchi, Abarbanel, and the Malbim, as well as contemporary culture and personal experiences, to reveal the hidden meanings of this perplexing biblical story.

  • Yosef's dreamYosef's dream

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    Now a young man in Israel watching his brother become a Bar Mitzvah, Yosef remembers back to his own childhood in Ethiopia, and the dream he had foreseeing the miraculous air rescue that brought his family and other Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

  • How it's madeHow it's made : Torah scroll

    Ofanansky, Allison.

    A behind-the-scenes look at how a Torah scroll is made, from the parchment to the ink and the decorations, with interviews and vibrant full-color photos taken at workshops in Israel, plus activities for kids to try themselves.

  • JosephJoseph : Portraits through the ages

    Levenson, Alan T.

    Brings the voices of Philo, Josephus, Midrash, and medieval commentators, as well as a wide range of modern scholars, into dialogue about this complex biblical figure The author explores such questions as: Why did Joseph's brothers hate him so? Why ldidn't Joseph tell his father he was alive and ruling Egypt? What was Joseph like as a husband and father? .

  • More than enoughMore than enough

    Wayland, April Halprin.

    There's more than enough to be thankful for as a family prepares for their Passover seder - honey at the farmer's market (dayenu), apples for the charoset (dayenu), dashing through puddles on the way to Nana's house (dayenu), and a delicious seder meal (dayenu). Passover is about gfratitude, and Dayenu is a song of thankfulness, a reminder to be aware of the blessings of each moment.

  • Why be Jewish?Why be Jewish? : A testament

    Bronfman, Edgar M.

    Completed justs before his death, this book expresses the author's awe, respect, and deep love for this faith and heritage. Bronfman walks readers through the major tenets and ideas in Jewish life, fleshing out their meaning and offering proof texts from the Jewish tradition, sharing insights gleaned fromk hjis own personal journey, and making a compelling case for a secular Judaism that is still steeped in deep moral values, authentic texts, and a focus on deed over creed or dogma.

  • On one footOn one foot

    Glaser, Linda.

    An impatient young man travels to Jerusalem to learn the Torah - while standing on one foot! The city is full of learned rabbis, but none of them can help him until he meets the famous Rabbi Hillel.

  • Sadie and Ori and the blue blanketSadie and Ori and the blue blanket

    Korngold, Jamie.

    Sadie, Ori and Grandma all love the soft blue "Together Blanket" that Grandma knit when Sadie was born. They use it for building forts, for snuggling and fun. As Sadie and Ori grow up and as Grandma gets older, too, the blanket continues to bring the family comfort in very special ways.

  • Adam & ThomasAdam & Thomas

    Appelfeld, Aharon.

    Originally published in Hebrew, this tender friendship story is about two nine-year-old Jewish boys who survive World War II in the forest, where they learn to forage for food and help other fugitives. Finally, when things seem to be at their worst a miracle happens. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Not in God's nameNot in God's name : Confronting religious violence

    Sacks, Jonathan.

    A powerful and timely book by the former Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth examines the huge and important topic of religious extremism and violence committed in the name of God, and argues that religion must form part of the solution.

  • AllyAlly : My journey across the American-Israeli divide

    Oren, Michael B.

    Memoir of the author's time as Israel's ambassador to the U.S.', 2009-2013 - a period of transformative change for America and a time of violent upheaval throughout the Middle East.

  • One good deedOne good deed

    Fields, Terri.

    Jake learns the power that one good deed - a mitzvah - can have over his entire neighborhood.

  • Doomed to succeedDoomed to succeed : The U.S. - Israel relationship from Truman to Obama

    Ross, Dennis.

    For almost 30 years the author has been a direct participant in shaping U.S.policy toward the Middle East. In this book he provides both a remarkable history and an insider's explanation of how the relationship between the U.S. and Israel has evolved over time, the assumptions that continue to shape our views, and the lessons to be learned.

  • Kayla and KugelKayla and Kugel

    Koffsky, Ann D.

    Kayla and her mischievous dog Kugel set the table for Shabbat but something is missing - family. Includes a note to parents about Shabbat.

  • Wise agingWise aging : Living with joy, resilience & spirit

    Cowan, Rachel.

    With warmth, humor and wisdom this book gives practical, real world suggestions for navigating the challenges of aging well. Topics include relationships with adult children and spouses; the body, romance and sexuality; forgiveness and reconciliation; living with loss; cultivating well-being; conscious dying; and shaping our legacy.

  • King David & Akavish the spiderKing David & Akavish the spider

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    When a young shepherd boy aims a stone at a spider web, little does he dream that this is the beginning of a lasting friendship or that the spider will one day save his life.

  • AkivaAkiva : Life, legend, legacy

    Hammer, Reuven.

    Review of Rabbi Akiva's life, thoughts, beliefs, and concerns for the Jewish people.

  • The Bible on locationThe Bible on location : Off the beaten path in ancient & modern Israel

    Baretz, Julie.

    Innovative guide to 21 locations in Israel where Bible stories are said to have happened. At each site the historical context is presented follewed by the biblicat text itself and the author's own lively commentary.

  • Oskar and the eight blessingsOskar and the eight blessings

    Simon, Richard.

    On the 7th day of Hanukkah in 1938, a young refugee boy arrives in New York City from the horror of Kristallnacht with only a photograph and an address to find an aunt he's never met. As he traverses the length of Manhattan he remembers his father's last words, "Oskar, even in bad times people can be good. You have to look for the blessings." And indeed, each person he meets offers him an act of kindness.

  • The secret chordThe secret chord : A novel

    Brooks, Geraldine.

    A vivid and original novel of King David. Insipred by brief references to the lost book of Nathan, Brooks tells the story through the eyes of the courtier who both counseled and castigated David, and who is said to have chronicled his life.

  • I say ShehechiyanuI say Shehechiyanu

    Rocklin, Joanne.

    Learn about the many occasions in the Jewish year on which you can say 'Shehechiyanu', a blessing for beginnings, first times, and happy arrivals.

  • Ben Shahns's New Deal muralsBen Shahns's New Deal murals : Jewish identity in the American scene

    Linden, Diana L.

    Case studies of four murals by the Lithuanian-born Jewish American artist, demonstrating how he mined his heritage and left-leaning politics for his style and subject matter. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award. The author is a member of our congregation.

  • The littlest LevineThe littlest Levine

    Lanton, Sandy.

    hannah doesn't like being the littlest in her family. She's too short to hand gruit from the sukkah and too young to light the Hanukkah candles by herself. But when Passover comes, the littlest Levine has a chance to shine in a big way.

  • Bar MitzvahBar Mitzvah : A history

    Hilton, Michael.

    This book explores the origins and development of bar mitzvah through historical facts, stories, and commentary.

  • Passover with a twistPassover with a twist : Rachel imagines the Passover story

    Herskowitz, Benjie.

    Meet Rachel, the youngest in her family. After she recites the Four Questions at the Passover Seder, her father explains the story of Pharaoh by using cliches to get the point across, and Rachel conjures up zany images for phrases like "eating his words" and "burying his head in the sand". Includes a children's haggadah in English and Hebrew.

  • The lost matriarchThe lost matriarch : Finding Leah in the Bible and midrash

    Rabow, Jerry.

    The author places a human face and heart onto the persona of the matriarch Leah. Although Leah is a major figure in Genesis, the biblical text allows her only a single word of physical description and two lines of direct dialogue. The Bible tells us little about the effects of her lifelong struggles in an apparently loveless marriage to the husband she shares with three other wives, including her beautiful sister Rachel.

  • The Bible's many voicesThe Bible's many voices

    Carasik, Michael.

    An engaging presentation of current scholarship about the Jewish Bible. The author illuminates numerous different "voices" that speak in the Bible's pages, including the historical voice, the theological, the legal, the prophetic, the wise, the foreign, the voices of women and the voices of song and legend.

  • The mitten stringThe mitten string

    Rosner, Jennifer.

    When her family invites a dear woman and her baby to stay, Ruthie, a talented knitter of mittens, wonders how the mother will know if her child wakes in the night. The surprising answer inspires Ruthie to knit a special gift that offers great comfort to mother and baby - and to Ruthie herself.

  • More all-of-a-kind familyMore all-of-a-kind family

    Taylor, Sydney.

    The 4th set of adventures in this classic series. In this book life is a bit perilous, with Charlie in a nearpfatal accident, fear of polio, and worrisome news from abroad. Yet regular life goes on as Gertie learns to tell time, Henny rebels against Father's curfew, and romance blooms for Ella (in the library!) as well as for sweet Uncle Hyman.

  • Fleabrain loves FrannyFleabrain loves Franny

    Rocklin, Joanne.

    A touching and funny novel set in 1952, when a young Jewish girl named Franny, while recovering from polio, reads and falls in love with the brand new book Charlotte's Web. Bored and lonely and yearning for a Charlotte of her own, Franny starts up a correspondence with an eloquent flea named Fleabrain who lives on her dog's tail. While Franny struggles with physical therapy and feeling left out of neighborhood life, Fleabrain is there to take her on adventures based on his extensive reading.

  • EnchantressEnchantress : A novel of Rav Hisda's daughter

    Anton, Maggie.

    Set in 4th century Babylonia, this novel weaves together Talmudic lore, ancient Jewish magic, and a timeless love story. Rav Hisda's daughter, who is a sorceress, and her husband, who is a Torah scholar, try to protect their people by joining in the struggle against the demon king, and the Angel of Death,.

  • All kinds of strongAll kinds of strong

    Baker, Sharon Reiss.

    Despite being small and frail, Sadie Rose is strong in other ways. The people in her tight-knit Jewish community worry that she's not strong enough for life on a farm When when there's calamity and people can no longer celebrate Shabbat in their neighbor's parlor, Sadie Rose comes up with an idea that proves there are "all kinds lf strong".

  • Everybody says shalomEverybody says shalom

    Kimmelman, Leslie.

    A rhyming picture book tour of Israel, from the Old City of Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, from the desert to the sea, as well as Roman ruins, the Biblical Zoo, a kibbutz, and much more. Includes historical information and other facts.

  • Tucson JoTucson Jo

    Matas, Carol.

    Based on the true story of the daughter of the first Jewish mayor of Tucson, AZ, this story is packed with action and deeds of derring-do, shootouts and holdups, while also dealing with serious moral issues. Fourteen-year-old Jo is feisty and free-spirited; she wants to wear pants and study the Talmuid like her brother, and she is in constant conflict with her father. Fighting against being pigeonholed into the labels of "Jew" and "girl", Jo struggles with questions of right and wrong, law and order, women's rights, anti-semitism and what being Jewish really means.

  • Eating DelanceyEating Delancey : A celebration of Jewish food

    Rezny, Aaron.

    Gorgeous photographs of classic Jewish food along with profiles and recipes from classic Lower East Side eateries, complemented by celebrity reminiscences.

  • Hidden like Anne FrankHidden like Anne Frank : 14 true stories of survival

    Prins, Marcel.

    A collection of eye-opening first-person accounts that share what it was really like to be a "hidden child" in the Netherlands during the Holocaust.

  • Bubbe's belated Bat MitzvahBubbe's belated Bat Mitzvah

    Pinson, Isabel.

    With her great-grandaughter's encouragement, Bubbe learns Hebrew and becomes a Bat Mitzvah.

  • Simon and the bearSimon and the bear : A Hanukkah tale

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    Stranded on an iceberg while on his way to America, Simon remembers his mother's parting words and lights the first candle on his menorah while praying for a miracle, which soon arrives in the form of a friendly polar bear.

  • My grandfather's coatMy grandfather's coat

    Aylesworth, Jim.

    New adaptation of a famous Yiddish folk song, with charming watercolor illustrations, in which a tailor's very old overcoar is recycled numerous times over many years into a variety of garments and other items.

  • I know an old lady who swallowed a dreidelI know an old lady who swallowed a dreidel

    Yacowitz, Caryn.

    All the family wants is a happy Hanukkah with their wonderful grandmother. But when Bubbe swallows one misplaced dreidel (thinking it is a bagel), well, who know what might happen next? One beloved folk song and many famous artworks take on hilarious new life in this Hanukkah hoot!.

  • Farewell, AleppoFarewell, Aleppo : My father; my people, and their long journey home

    Sutton, Claudette E.

    Part memoir, part history, part personal journey. A multi-faceted biography of the author's father and his journey from ancient Aleppo to skyscraper America, told alongside the story of the vanished Syrian-Jewish culture in Aleppo and a look at how that culture still survives in America.

  • HiddenHidden : A child's story of the Holocaust

    Dauvillier, Loic.

    In this gentle, poetic graphic novel for young readers, a grandmother tells the story of how, as a young Jewish girl in Paris, she was hidden away from the Nazis by a series of neighbors and friends who risked their lives to keep her alive when her parents had been taken to concentration camps.

  • Sadie's Lag Ba'Omer mysterySadie's Lag Ba'Omer mystery

    Korngold, Jamie.

    "What is Lag Ba'Omer?" Sadie and Ori ask their grabndfather, who sends them off on a mission to solve the mystery. What will they discover about the holiday that is celebrated with picnics and bonfires?.

  • Matzo frogsMatzo frogs

    Rosenthal, Sally.

    It's Shabbat, and Minnie has spilled the matzo ball soup! Some friendly frogs leap into action, making a new pot of soup while Minnie is out - a mitvah from one neighbor to another. But how can frogs make soup? The gang works through the recipe together, giving each other a helping "hop" when they need it.

  • Max makes a cakeMax makes a cake

    Edwards, Michelle.

    Max finds the perfect way to make a unique Passover surprise birthday cake for his mother.

  • Netta and her plantNetta and her plant

    Gellman, Ellie.

    When Netta is very small, her preschool teacher gives her a plant for Tu B'Shevat, and as the years pass both Netta and her plant grow and change.

  • Seder in the desertSeder in the desert

    Korngold, Jamie.

    Join a group of families as they accompany Rabbi Jamie into the Utah desert to celebrate a most unusual Passover seder. Bright photographs and simple text connect the Israelites' sojourn in the desert and the modern experience.

  • David and Goliath with a twistDavid and Goliath with a twist

    Herskowitz, Benjie.

    Here's a classic Bible story told through familiar, humorous chliches that conjure up zany images such a "butterflies in your stomach" and "barking up the wrong tree".

  • Like dreamersLike dreamers : The story of the Israeli paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem and divided a nation

    Halevi, Yossi Klein.

    Interweaves the stories of a group of 1967 paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem, tracing the history of Israel and the divergent ideologies shaping it from the Six-Day War to the present.

  • My promised landMy promised land : The triumph and tragedy of Israel

    Shavit, Ari.

    An authoritative and deeply personal narrative history of the State of Israel, by one of the most influential journalists writing about the Middle East today.

  • The Jguy's guideThe Jguy's guide : The GPS for Jewish teen guys

    Meszler, Joseph B.

    Like the Talmud, this book offers many perspectives. It addresses the concerns of teen guys - without preaching, judgment or criticism - and presents facts, stories, ideas and actions taken by Jewish men today and all the way back to blblical times to show how they answered the same kinds of questions.

  • B.U.GB.U.G : (Big ugly guy)

    Yolen, Jane.

    Sammy Greenburg would rather talk back to a gang of bullies at his school than feel afraid of them. But when his best friend gets beaten up Sammy decides to build a golem, a mythical protector from Jewish folklore. The monster turns out to be not only a protector but also a great drummer for Sammy's klezmer/jazz/pop/rock fusion band. However, golems will only protect you so far...

  • The best place on earthThe best place on earth : Stories

    Tsabari, Ayelet.

    Debut collection by a Candian-Israeli author featuring eleven stories often focusing on Israel's Mizrahi Jews, featuring mothers and children, soldiers and bohemians, lovers and best friends. The spellbinding characters grapple with love, violence, faith, identity, and the challenges of balancing old traditions with modern times.

  • The Nazi huntersThe Nazi hunters : How a team of spies and survivors captured the world's most notorious Nazi

    Bascomb, Neal.

    Recounts how, 16 years after the end of WW II, a team of undercover Israeli agents captured the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in a remote area of Argentina, and brought him to trial in Israel. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • His name was Raoul WallenbergHis name was Raoul Wallenberg : Courage, rescue, and mystery during World War II

    Borden, Louise.

    Biography of the Swedish diplomat who helped save thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis before disappearing when the Russians occupied Budapest. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Surviving your Bar/Bat MitzvahSurviving your Bar/Bat Mitzvah : The ultimate insider's guide

    Axelrod, Matt.

    Written in a personal and amusing style by a Cantor with two decades of experience preparing b'nei mitzvah students, this book presents the path to bar/bat mitzvah as an exciting, manageable challenge.

  • Judaism's great debatesJudaism's great debates : Timeless controversies from Abraham to Herzl

    Schwartz, Barry L.

    Clear and concise introduction to ten timeless controversies in Jewish history. The author builds the case that debate and disputation are at the very heart of Jewish intellectual history and theology, and that Judaism is a series of unresolved rather than resolved arguments.

  • Small medium at largeSmall medium at large

    Levy, Joanne.

    After being hit by lightning, 12-year-old Lilah (who is Jewish) discovers she can hear ghosts, and boy are they annoying! The loudest and most opinionated ghost is her grandmother Dora, who wants Lilah to find a new wife for Lilah's divorced father. How can a girl even think about her own life when she's got her grandma in her ear?.

  • IsraelIsrael : An introduction

    Rubin, Barry.

    A well-rounded introduction to Israel presenting the nation's past and often controversial present, organized around the themes of history, land and people, society, government and politics, economics, and culture.

  • How do dinosaurs say happy Chanukah?How do dinosaurs say happy Chanukah?

    Yolen, Jane.

    Little dinosaurs love to celebrate Hanukkah, but sometimes the excitement of the holiday can tempt a youngster to misbehave.

  • A hen for Izzy PippikA hen for Izzy Pippik

    Davis, Aubrey.

    Folktale based on a story from the Talmud about a town that has enormous success after a man loses a chicken there and a little girl keeps it safe until he returns.

  • The Book of JobThe Book of Job : When bad things happened to a good person

    Kushner, Harold.

    Analysis and commentary on the biblical Book of Job, with lessons from historical and personal tragedy that teach us about what can and cannot be controlled, about the power of faith, and about our ability to find God.

  • Jews under Moroccan skiesJews under Moroccan skies : Two thousand years of Jewish life

    Elmaleh, Raphael David.

    Describes the history and current status of Jews in Morocco, where for centuries Jews and Muslims have interwoven their lives in peace. Explains the differences between the Judeo-Spanish communities of the North, the Francophone urban Jews, and the Judeo-Arabic and Judeo-Berber traditions.

  • The whole story of half a girlThe whole story of half a girl

    Hiranandani, Veera.

    When Sonia's father loses his job and she must move from her small, supportive private school to a public middle school, the half-Jewish jalf-Indian sixth-grader experiences culture shock as she tries to navigate her new school's unfamiliar social scene. Then her father is diagnosed with clinical depression and she finds herself becoming even more confused about herself and her family. As she lloks for answers she must decide what really matters and who her true friends are, and how her two halves can make her a whole.

  • Jewish threadsJewish threads : A hands-on guide to stitching spiritual intention into Jewish fabric crafts

    Drew, Diana.

    Thirty evocative projects, with step-by-step instructions. Techniques include quilting, applique, embroidery, needlepoint, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, and felting.

  • One hundred great Jewish booksOne hundred great Jewish books : Three millennia of Jewish conversation

    Hoffman, Lawrence A.

    Spanning the centuries from biblical times to the present, this volume Introduces outstanding texts of many genres, places each in historical and cultural context, provides a summary of content and author, and reflects on its relevance for today.

  • The Golem's latkesThe Golem's latkes

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    Rabbi Judah Lowe of Prague goes to visit the Emperor, leaving a new housemaid to prepare for a Hanukkah party. When he returns he discovers that she has misused the Golem and latkes are pouring out of the rabbi's house, clogging the streets, and sending people running. Is Rabbi Lowe smart enough to stop the chaos, or will Basha the maid find the perfect solution?.

  • Beyond luckyBeyond lucky

    Aronson, Sarah.

    Ari Fish, a Jewish middle-schooler, is sure that the rare trading card he found has changed his luck and that of his soccer team, but after the card is stolen he comes to know that we make our own luck, and that heroes can be fallible.

  • Irena Sendler and the children of rhe Warsaw GhettoIrena Sendler and the children of rhe Warsaw Ghetto

    Rubin, Susan Goldman.

    True story of a Polish social worker who helped many many children escape from the Warsaw Ghdtto.

  • Voices of TorahVoices of Torah : A treasury of rabbinic gleanings on the weekly portions, holidays, and special Shabbatot

    Person, Hara.

    This rich collection of commentary provides multiple perspectives on every parashah, holiday portion, and special Shabbat.

  • The mitzvah project bookThe mitzvah project book : Making mitzvah part of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah...and your life

    Suneby, Liz.

    Offers dozens of ideas to help young people grow spiritually, learn responsibility, and use their talents to perform meaningful deed for themselves, their families, fellow Jews, and non-Jews, both in their communities and worldwide.

  • Sadie's sukkah breakfastSadie's sukkah breakfast

    Korngold, Jamie.

    Waking up early on Sukkot, Sadie and Ori decide to serve breakfast in the sukkah. But when the table is set and the food is ready, they remember that a sukkah celebration needs guests. No one is awake, so whom should they invite?.

  • Joseph and the Sabbath fishJoseph and the Sabbath fish

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    Retelling of the storly of Joseph, who always welcomes guests to his Sabbath table while his greedy neighbor Judah scoffs at Joseph's generosity. But times change and Judah finds himself turning to Joseph for help. A very special fish helps Joseph save the day.

  • Memories of EdenMemories of Eden : A journey through Jewish Baghdad

    Shamash, Violette.

    Deeply textured personal memoir that describes 20th C. Jewish life in Baghdad, beginning near the end of Otoman rule in 1917 and running through the British Mandate, the emergence of an independent Iraq in 1932, and the start of dictatorial government. Includes a first-hand account of the Farhud, a brutal massacre of hundreds of Iraqi Jews over two days in 1941.

  • Tower of BabelTower of Babel

    Gadot, A. S.

    Humorous retelling of the classic Bible story in which the bored people of Shinar build a tower so high they can't understand what anyone else is saying, and the formerly friendly citizens stop communicating with one another.

  • The Holocaust sites of EuropeThe Holocaust sites of Europe : An historical guide

    Winstone, Martin.

    A comprehensive survey of Holocaust sites in Europe, including not only the notoriouas concentration and death camps but also less well known examples of camps, massacre sites, ghettos, "Euthanasia" centers, Roma and Sinti sites, museums and memorials.

  • Day after nightDay after night : A novel

    Diamant, Anita.

    Four young women, Holocaust survivors and "illegal" immigrants to Palestine, are haunted by the past but find comfort in their friendship and shared experiences even while struggling with the prospect of recreating themselves in a new country.

  • Dear treeDear tree

    Weber, Doba Rivka.

    Every tree needs strong roots; every tree needs lots of sunlight and rain. In honor Tu B'Shevat a little boy has so many good wishes for his beloeved, favorite tree!.

  • Mitzvah the muttMitzvah the mutt

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    A chapter book by the creator of Sammy Spider! Matzah balls were never meant for a game of fetch, but try telling that to Mitzvah the Mutt when he is rescued by a Jewish family. Mitzvah`s silly antics manage to charm his family, and his humorous misinterpretations of the Jewish holidays will leave you laughing and begging for more.

  • A tale of two sedersA tale of two seders

    Portnoy, Mindy Avra.

    After her parents` divorce, a young girl experiences a variety of Passover seders. Includes recipes and facts about the holiday.

  • Moscow rulesMoscow rules

    Silva, Daniel.

    Israeli foreign intelligence agent Gabriel Allon is on holiday in Italy with his new wife, trying to get some down time and working on restoring a painting for the Vatican. A member of the Russian press tries to pass on critical information to him but is murdered before he can reveal anything, and Gabriel must play for time - and play by Moscow rules - to stop a terrifying arms deal.

  • A picture book of Harry HoudiniA picture book of Harry Houdini

    Adler, David A.

    Biography of the famous magician and escape artist, who was born the son of a Rabbi in Hungary but grew up in Wisconsin.

  • Meet RebeccaMeet Rebecca : An American girl

    Greene, Jacqueline Dembar.

    Rebecca Rubin is a Jewish immigrant girl growing up in New York City in the early 1900's. She longs to be the center of attention, but that's not easy in a family of five children. When she learns that her cousin Ana and her family must escape Russia and come to New York, Rebecca decides to raise money for their passage by putting on a show.

  • Rebecca and AnaRebecca and Ana

    Greene, Jacqueline Dembar.

    Chapter book about Rebecca, a Jewish immigrant girl growing up in New York in the early 1900s. When her cousin Ana arrives at Ellis Island, Rebecca is happy to share everything with her, but Ana's broken English poses a (tempo0rary) problem.

  • Jewish pirates of the CaribbeanJewish pirates of the Caribbean : How a generation of swashbuckling Jews carved out an empire in the New World in their quest for treasure, religious freedom and revenge

    Kritzler, Edward.

    Relates the true story of how a group of Jews who left Spain and Portugal due to the Inquisition became pirates and eventually settled in the Caribbean.

  • As good as anybodyAs good as anybody : Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Joshua Heschel's amazing march toward freedom

    Michelson, Richard.

    A Baptist preacher from Atlanta and a rabbi born in Poland. Their names came to stand for the struggle for justice and equality. Here is the story of how these two men formed a remarkable friendship and turned their personal experiences of discrimination into a message of love and equality for all. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Penina Levine is a potato pancakePenina Levine is a potato pancake

    O'Connell, Rebecca.

    The second chapter book about sixth-grader Penina Levine. It's Hanukkah but everything seems to be going horribly wrong - Penina's presents aren't ready, the latkes are soggy, her sister is hogging the candles, and even her best friend is abandoning her. Can feisty Penina turn things around?.

  • The mysterious guestsThe mysterious guests : A Sukkot story

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    It is Sukkot, and two brothers build sukkahs to celebrate and share in the gifts of the earth. One brother is very rich and the other very poor. When three mysterious guests visit the brothers they leave behind a special blessing that recognizes the true generosity of the heart.

  • A is for AbrahamA is for Abraham : A Jewish family alphabet

    Michelson, Richard.

    From Abraham to Zaydee, and from ancient times to modern day, this rhyming alphabet book covers various people, rituals, and traditions associated with Judaism. For each letter these is a sidebar with additional background information. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • The hungry clothes and other Jewish folktalesThe hungry clothes and other Jewish folktales

    Schram, Peninnah.

    A collection of classic Jewish folktales which emphasize values and moral lessons, each with an introduction to place it in context with other Jewish teaching.

  • JPS guideJPS guide : American Jewish history

    Finkelstein, Norman H.

    A concise and colorful history of the Jewish people in the United States. Divided into six time periods and illustrated with over 70 p;hotographs, maps and charts, more than 120 feature boxes and biographies, as well as timelines, notes, a bibliography and index.

  • Purim goodiesPurim goodies

    Hoffman, Amalia.

    Humorous Purim story about the meaning of friendship and the importance of shalach manot. Includes a glossary of Yiddish words and a hamantaschen recipe.

  • Elie WieselElie Wiesel : Messenger for peace

    Wagner, Heather Lehr.

    A very humanized portrait of the world-renowned Holocaust survivor, writer, teacher, activist, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Includes many photographs, a chronology, and much other reference material.

  • Penina Levine is a hard boiled eggPenina Levine is a hard boiled egg

    O'Connell, Rebecca.

    Jewish 6th grader Penina has a bossy best friend, a tattletale sister, crazy parents, and a big,fat zero on her school assignment to write a letter as the Easter Bunny. Penina's parents don't listen to her, but her grandmother does, and it all boilsdown to five thousand years of history and a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs.

  • I will wake the dawnI will wake the dawn : Illuminated Psalms

    Band, Debra.

    Features 36 of the most well-known and moving psalms, fusing stunning visual interpretations of theext in both Hebrew and Englishalong with literary analysis.

  • I have a little dreidelI have a little dreidel

    Baum, Maxie.

    Retelling of the famous Hanukkah song, with lavish illustrations and some new rhymes. Includes "How to make potato latkes" and "How to play dreidel as well as the music for the song.

  • A pickpocket's taleA pickpocket's tale

    Schwabach, Karen.

    When Molly, a 10-year-old orphan, is arrested for picking pockets in London in 1731, she is banished to America where she serves as an indentured servant for a New York City family that expects her to follow their Jewish traditions. Grudgingly, she learns about compassion, family, and the real meaning of freedom. Includes a glossary of period words in Flash-cant, the thieves' jargon Molly speaks.

  • Hammerin' HankHammerin' Hank : The life of Hank Greenberg

    McDonough, Yona Zeldis.

    Biography and stories about one of America's first Jewish superstars. Hank Greenberg achieved fame through struggle and perseverance - his Orthodox parents felt baseball was a waste of time, while his prominence made him a target of anti-Semitism both on and off the field.

  • Dinosaur on ShabbatDinosaur on Shabbat

    Rauchwerger, Diane Levin.

    Story in rhyme about an excited dinosaur visiting a young boy's house on Shabbat.

  • The white ramThe white ram : A story of Abraham and Isaac

    Gerstein, Mordicai.

    A white ram fulfills God's will by waiting in the Garden of Eden until it is summoned to aid Abraham and Isaac, sacrificing itself to save the boy's life. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • I am Marc ChagallI am Marc Chagall

    Landmann, Bimba.

    A painterly, poetic, first-person narrative based loosely on Chagall's autobiography. The three-dimensional illustrations are constructed from an eclectic assortment of materials. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • Adam and Eve and the Garden of EdenAdam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

    Ray, Jane.

    Beautiful and thought-provoking version of the familiar story, celebrating the beauty of nature and humanity's connection to the Earth and all its creatures.

  • The littlest treeThe littlest tree

    Rouss, Sylvia A.

    Story in rhyme about a group of trees that will be used to build a new synagogue.

  • A wandering feastA wandering feast : A journey through the Jewish culture of Eastern Europe

    Strom, Yale.

    The author is a Klezmer scholar, ethnographer and artist whose quest to find and record this music took him to kosher kitchens, ancient shuls, and other places that mark the Jewish past in Eastern Europe. This book includes musical transcriptions, recipes, and biographies and photographs of the people he met.

  • GeniusGenius : A photobiography of Albert Einstein

    Delano, Maarfe Ferguson.

    Filled with photographs and simple explanations of his theories, this biography also emphasizes the importance to Einstein of his being a Jew.

  • The Purim costumeThe Purim costume

    Schram, Peninnah.

    Rebecca is tired of dressing up as Queen Esther for Purim every year. Her mother suggests many choices including Vashti. As Rebecca considers this unusual choice she realizes how important Vashti was and that she too helped to save the Jewish people.

  • The Purim surpriseThe Purim surprise

    Simpson, Lesley.

    After moving to a new city just before Purim, Naomi helps deliver shalach manot while worrying if her mother will remember her seventh birthday.

  • Avram's giftAvram's gift

    Blumberg, Margie.

    Mark is afraid of the photograph of his great-great-grandfather Avram from Russia. Who was Avram, and was he really as stern as he looks in the photograph? One special Rosh Hashanah Mark learns the answers to these questions, and in this way discovers Avram's gift.

  • Sandy KoufaxSandy Koufax : A lefty's legacy

    Leavy, Jane.

    Biography of the proud, complicated, elusive Dodger Hall of Fame star, by an award-winning Washington Post sports writer.

  • Jews and medicineJews and medicine : An epic saga

    Heynick, Frank.

    A sweeping account of Jewish superstars and other luminaries in the fields of medicine, from the ancient Middle East, through the Greek and Roman Empires, across the Islamic World to the Orient, through Spain, Italy, Fance, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and England, and finally to America and back to Israel.

  • The Friday nights of NanaThe Friday nights of Nana

    Hest, Amy.

    A graceful and nostalgic evolcation of a family-oriented Shabbat. The mood of this book is one of peace and contentment, emphasizing intimacy and traditiion.

  • YiddishYiddish : A nation of words

    Weinstein, Miriam.

    Popular history of Yiddish, ranging far beyond Europe, from North America to Israel to the Russian-Chinese border, and from the end of the first millennium to the present day.

  • A time to be bornA time to be born : Customs and folklore of Jewish birth

    Klein, Michele.

    Winner of the 1998 National Jewish Book Award. Using many sources including prayers, folktales, folk remedies, plus biblical, rabbinical and mystical literature, the author explores childbirth's role within Jewish tradition.

  • David and the trash-talkin' giantDavid and the trash-talkin' giant

    Anderson, Joel.

    Rhyming text and illustrations made with found objects present the story of David and his defeat of the giant Goliath.

  • The adventures of Hershel of OstropolThe adventures of Hershel of Ostropol

    Kimmel, Eric A.

    Ten stories about the famous Ukranian Jewish folk hero, who lived by his wits since his pockets were usually empty.

  • Man's search for meaningMan's search for meaning : An introduction to logotherapy

    Frankl, Viktor E., 1905-1997.

    This true story of a psychiatrist's survival during his three years in Auschwitz is at once a memoir, a self-help book, and a psychology manual.

  • BerchickBerchick

    Blanc, Esther Silverstein.

    Homesteading in Wyoming in the early 1900's, a Jewish mother develops a special love for Berchick, her horse, while the family deals with happiness and adversity, and the meaning of freedom. Winner of the Sydney Taylor Award.

  • All-of-a-kind family downtownAll-of-a-kind family downtown

    Taylor, Sydney.

    Second in the classic series about 5 sisters and their little brother sharing laughter and old fashioned activities amid the sometimes gritty realities of life on the Lower East Side. From a Purim play, to dancing in the street, to blintz eating, to the building of the sukkah, this family gets pleasure out of every day.

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